Nobody starts out as a expert,
we must allow ourselves to be a beginner.

Pastthyme Patterns is composed of a mother (Darci) daughter (Lacey) team that designs quilt and wool patterns out of Darci's quilt shop in Clara City, Minnesota.

What once started out as a free monthly wool pattern to keep ladies coming into a newly opened quilt shop has evolved into a pattern company that has over a hundred patterns to its name.

Of the Pastthyme Gals, Darci is known as the wool lady.  She finds the most peace with wool in her lap and a needle in her hand, stitching the evening away.  Her creative sparks come from finding beauty in her surroundings.  Her latest 'obsession' is that of crazy quilting and you will find numerous crazy quilt stitches adorning her latest patterns.  Darci also enjoys designing with Marcus Fabrics  and Moda's pre-cuts, specifically charm and mini-charm packs.

Lacey began her attempt at design dabbling a little over a year ago and hasn't looked back since. She is the gal who walks on the traditional/modern line with color and design, is a bit 'hexagon' crazy and has a fine hand for embroidery. Her favorite thing to design with is pre-cut fabric, especially mini-charm packs.

Both gals will be the first to tell you that not all of their projects are a success and neither of them consdier themselves to be an expert.  If you ever have the chance to meet the Pastthyme Gals you will note they are usually found with smiles on their face and laughter flowing out of their mouths.  They encourage everyone to remember that life isn't perfect, so your quilts don't have to be either. And it's best you don't take yourself too seriously.

We hope your stitches will be straight, your bobbins remain full and that warmth will fill your homes with the projects that you create.

Piece & Blessings,
Darci & Lacey

Quirky Facts. . .

Darci....Prior to the shop/designing she was a medical transcriptionist, did craft shows selling handmade dolls and was a stay at home mom.  She grew up on a dairy farm, enjoyed milking cows and riding the calves with her little brother.  She flies by the seat of her pants and is NOT a pinner.  She prefers working with an earth tone color palate and really likes to sew with Kansas Troubles.  She could live off of pizza, chips and coke.

Lacey...Just finished up school to be a Physical Therapist Assistant.  She spends time outside of the quilt shop watching stock car racing at local dirt tracks and loves to fish.   Unlike her mom, she is a planner and a pinner.  She doesn't have a favorite fabric box and often gets the reputation as the bright bold colorful girl even though it's not entirely true.  She considers a week a good one that ends with a red velvet cupcake and cold can of Sundrop.


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